FPJetskis - Built for freestyle


After 10 years of riding freestyle jet ski's and numerous Australian titles I decided to build a truly unique surf freestyle hull. The hull was developed for over 12 months and tested for over a year in the biggest surf conditions on the east coast of Australia.
In designing the FP1 there where lots of new ideas to make the ski better than what was currently on the market for freestyle ski's and we decided to go with an all round ski that would allow the rider to attack the surf and do aerial manoeuvres as well as ride monster surf or just run laps around a track and I believe this ski achieves this in every way through its design and functionality


The FP1 has a hand crafted bottom deck with in built front sponsons and front rocker, these features allow the ski to turn on a wave like a surf board but when flat still allow the ski to spin and slide. The longer chines allow for rail turns but where also shaped just the right height to allow the ski flat slide up a wave.
The front rocker allows the rider to charge down the face of a wave and then turn at speed to attack the face, all this is done at speed weather in 30 foot or a 3 foot waves.
The FP1 has front plash guard which helps keep the water from going up over the nose , along with the full rail around the front it makes for one of the driest rides when in the choppy windy conditions.

The hood was designed with a low profile and includes a double lip seal which acts to strengthen the side of the ski during impacts and also make the hood extremely water tight.
The tray area is one of the largest trays allowing a great area of movement with feet positioning which in turn helps with balance and manoeuvres on waves or just straight out speed turns.
The water intake area was widened so as to operate more efficiently at lower speed but will not affect the ski when at wide open throttle. The feature was designed in conjunction with WORX and Watson racing who have decades of jet ski experience.


The hull is constructed and assembled on the Gold Coast using the latest Vacum infusion technology and materials. Each layer of glass is layed into the moulds to give the right amount of strength and also to keep the weight to a minimum to maximize engine horsepower. The bottom deck is fitted with all the water lines and rear water scupper and exhaust hoses are all drilled and sealed in place, then the pump shoe is drilled and glued in place using capped brass inserts to maintain a water tight ski. The interior engine compartment is sprayed with a hard wearing surface coat to add to the protection of the fibreglass laminate and glue and improve the finish.

FPX - I've also built a smaller version of the FP1 which is made for small surf or flatwater freestyle , this ski is 100mm (4 inches ) shorter in the tray and rear bottom deck to allow for flat water spins flips and rolls

FP1 Freestyle Jetskis FPX Freestyle Jetskis